Kendra Atkinson

Kendra Atkinson

Kendra Atkinson, co-founder of SOJO, is passionate about providing an amazing customer experience, rock solid company culture, efficient strategy and building a one-of-a-kind product.

Her love for business blossomed while working for a major retailer during college. After earning her Psychology degree, she learned and refined her skills in management and process, fueling several start-up businesses. These experiences solidified her ability to establish and operate in different business arenas. She also has consulted several businesses on management and strategy implementation. In her own words it was, "better experience than any MBA program."

Her mission for SOJO clients is that they experience a connection and direction for their own passions. And also that every SOJO employee loves their job!



We believe in big-thinking and
seeing what is outside the box.

We believe finding the right job and finding the right candidate should be simple. We take a sincere and honest approach in how we operate. We are thoughtful and carry out our mission with servant-like service and a personalized dedication to seeing your efforts succeed.