SOJO Job Post Options

One shoe does not fit all. At SOJO, we have created three Job Post Options to fit your unique business.

For about $5 a day, each SOJO job post allows you the potential to receive unlimited matches. Interview as much as you would like; hire as many as you need.

When your job post is near expiration, we will send you a friendly reminder. Renew your job post at any time.

  • 1 Month Job Post: $150
  • 2 Month Job Post: $290 (or $145/month)
  • 3 Month Job Post $360 (or $120/month)

SOJO Job Post Packages

Need to post more than one job? Job Post Packages are available. Savings start at 10% when you purchase multiple job posts at one time.
Contact us with your job posting needs for a friendly quote!

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